An Advocate's Thoughts

Being an advocate, I'm subjected to some not so favorable experiences.



  1. Cure fanatics who believe me to be ignorant for not at least trying herbalist options.
  2. People who assume I, and every other HIV positive person, did something "wrong" to be HIV positive.
  3. People who ask me questions and then rebuttal every attempt to correctly and efficiently answer their questions.
  4. People who want to see you do good but not better than them.

Being a social media advocate, I get to converse with individuals from all over the world. I get to do what I love, spreading awareness and being uncut and personal. I'm able to empower many individuals across the world. Unfortunately, that also makes me an easy target.

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Thank you

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<p>I think your list succinctly describes why so many of us fear going public. Its not easy, but know your efforts are appreciated by those who are not as public.&nbsp;</p>
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