Back in New York. So...

Back in New York.

So grateful to be home in New York. I tried to move in the middle of the pandemic. Which wasn't a bright idea. So am back in New York in yet another Shelter, Third one in 3 months. And the funny thing is , am in a shelter in the program I left 3 months ago. After 16 years. Can you say no escaping. So now I have to wait on my case to be re opened then take a studio apartment. Til I can find my own place which am on 3 of the largest waiting list in New York. Well I can get started on my business finally. Once I get settled in. That the plan but, things can change. As we can see. Am just really grateful just for my own room right now. The shelter system has changed since, I In was in one in 2001. They only give you six months. That seems to be everywhere ! My shelters experience will definitely keep me humble for now on. I use to pay rent because I didn't want to be homeless . Now it really will be that reason and more. From Philadelphia to two different types of shelters in NYC one where I had to take my stuff with me. Because you had to leave everyday at 8 am. Then come back at 3 pm. Thank God for a storage unit. I did ride the train a most of the time. Little know fact : the A train in New York is the longest ride it takes 1:45 minutes from 207 st to Jamaica , Queens. I got some knitting done in the process. I made a hat, small cowl and a pair of uneven leg warmers. But throughout all of this I keep my sanity. This could depress a person . But what don't kill you will make you stronger. Let just say I will not be jumping before I think. This whole pandemic had me leave my home and then say WTF did I just do!!! I know am going to hear it from my doctor when I see him on the 9. I did take care of myself while there. So much that my T cells went up. Anyway I just wanted to tell you how this darn pandemic had me lose my mind in the middle of the stay at home phase. LMAO!!!!

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Thu, 12/2/2021 - 2:57am

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Thu, 12/2/2021 - 2:51am

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