Beyond HIV!!

This has just been running through my mind for a while now.

When I tested positive for the HIV virus, I immediately felt that it was the worst that could happen to me! So, I started preparing my seven-year-old son for the ultimate: my untimely death! However, I did not know that life had a separate plan for me. I thought the rest of life's challenges and trials would stop just because I was diagnosed with HIV but I was wrong. Like every other living person, life kept throwing tantrums at me and I had to deal with every day's challenges as they came by.

Four years after I knew my status, a close and immediate family member also tested positive. Shortly after that, my mother was diagnosed with cancer of the lower intestine; she was not very advanced in age. It did not stop there. I lost my immediate younger sibling to the cold hands of death a day after his 28th birthday to an unknown cause. It was a cascading event of one bad news after another.

A good friend always said to me, "Bose, the best is yet to come." Perhaps, my experiences have helped me to modify this, as I know that "even as I anticipate the best, I must prepare for the very worst".

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