What does this mean to me?

I am a white woman, I have privilege. I recognise that we don't have to have a hashtag for white lives. As a little white girl my best friends were Geeta, Marcia and Suzann. I would like to say I didn't see colour, but I did. Invitations to play 'Charlies Angels' in the playground meant me and Suzann could join, she was a blonde like Farrah Fawcett and I was 'Sabrina' short haired brunette, if Geeta and Marcia wanted to play they were the baddies. As a white teen I saw it more; my multicultural education taught me Suzann could be called 'Nigger lover' because she kissed Erol, and that 'Pakki' was acceptable language, even though Geeta was from Uganda.

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