Bridging the Gap so Health Can Be Wealth

Health is wealth is the age old saying. I think that saying means that the healthier you are the wealthier your body feels. It also reiterates that we have to do what's necessary to reach the "wealth" determined by our health. As a healthcare worker, this sounds good but what do you do when this isn’t enough? Sometimes I want to be healthy as I can be. It's hard when I can not trust my providers. I can not trust that they know what is best for me. I have had a number of ailments unrelated to HIV, but doctors couldn't figure some things out because there wasn't a direct connection to my status. For example, I had issues with my cycles once they tried birth control and it didn't work. Not because the medicine wasn't good but because it wasn't effective with the treatment I was taking. Do you know who figured that out? Me.

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