A Conversation With Confidence

Do you struggle with self-confidence? I know I do. It usually doesn't matter how good or even trained I am at something, I'm still always doubtful of my abilities to do the best job, or sometimes even an adequate job, always doubting myself. It's a nasty little quirk of my personality. Fortunately I have another little quirk that balances things out, and that's an absolute determination to do it anyway, lol. I probably get it from my Pawpaw; he used to tell me, "If you need a job, tell them you can do whatever they're looking for even if you can't, then when you get the job, figure it out along the way." Personally I try to be honest when applying for jobs, lol, but he did teach me to not let my lack of confidence stop me from doing anything. That doesn't mean I don't still struggle with confidence, I just try to push through it.

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