COVID19 20/20

My Fears, Loss, and Anxiety of Facing Two Pandemics and the Triggers Many of Us Have Been Facing From the Early Days of HIV and AIDS

I don't know where to start. I have so much to write about and I have been stuck and not ready to do so since my father passed... Maybe one or two blogs have been put out by me, but I am ready to express my feelings and stop letting them boil inside.

I have been quarantined for almost eight months and only have been out of the house around five times! The isolation and fears along with so much anxiety have been too much! I am now slowly facing my fear and all I can do is protect myself with a mask and try to get back to me and to the most normal life I can live. I cannot live in fear and I also need to get back to the gym!!! For me that was my therapy and I will just try to go when they have the least people.

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