The Downside To Being Open With Your Status

I've had this virus nearly 11 years now and not long after diagnosis, I made it public. I'm sure a lot of those reading can relate and understand my frustration. People can make the time to make ignorant based comments in regards to being HIV+ but won't utilize that time to educate themselves before making themselves look like morons online. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. Since my diagnosis, I've mostly dated and had sexual relations with HIV-negative people, with them being informed beforehand about my status. Why am I still vilified for living my life? So I'm just supposed to be miserable til the day I die? Absolutely not.

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To share is to care.

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Thank you for sharing your story. We learn from people who share their story so that we DO know we aren't alone in this battle. Also, by sharing we learn many things, main one from yours is about Trisomy 18. I had it googled up - this is something even I was unaware about.



Our Hope

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This is our hope. That we will benefit in some way from our experiences. Whether newly diagnosed or those of us who have been living with HIV for a while now, will benefit from the knowledge and understanding we have gained; the things we have learned from our mistakes and misunderstandings; and proceeding forward on this journey we are on. I believe in doing so we will slowly change the minds and hearts of others who are negative, uninformed, and uneducated in regard to HIV.

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