Elo evryone im new here and...

Elo evryone im new here and I dnt knw how this works bt I just want to unwind I want a space whr I can tlk freely about my status without being judged. I wanted to be around people who understands what im going through. I was diagnosed last year and I am taking my medication but I dont know how to deal with it at first I thought I was fine I have accepted my status but it gets lonely I hope im in the right place as I have withdrawn from doing the things I love. All of a sudden Im even ashamed to go out.




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you are in the right place and we welcome you! I think what you are feeling is normal! In fact, I'd say you are doing better than I was at a year past my diagnosis! Everyone has a process to deal with it. I began with anger, then denial, then some more anger. Just know that you have friends here who have experienced the same feelings. 


You are in the right place

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Welcome and thank you for reaching out.  There are many supportive women here who have been living with HIV for a number of years.  This year is my 31st year and I am so grateful to be able to say that.  It took years before I could accept myself and my status but today I know that HIV does not define who I am.  I am a woman who happens to be living with HIV.   Not all days are easy but they do get easier as time goes on.  We are here to support you.    



Happy to hear from you

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Welcome! I been coming around here for , maybe just on two years. Very quiet at first then  I utilized the webinars and then on to the chat boxes , some emails a comment. Sounds a bit long ; very neccessary for my transformation.

i was a big sissy girl in a body of a fit woman so confused.

If I knew just a year after my diagnosis the love that surrounded me already ...ugh to think.

Back to today ..We are here for each other to build up, laugh with, cry with , to learn ( for me ) I was contributing to the stigma and shame by  agreeing with the people  saying" I was not worth it"  . When ever did I start not liking me ? Ten years later I remember how cool I am . How much love. How much experience I have to give. I am fun, a joy to be with and talented at something lol.  I trust God.

Getting to be a part of The Well Projects webinars  and AGLM  has reminded me to have a heart for myself  that I have for others.

"First my friend Ill love me and save plenty of room for you".

Glad your here feel free to vent, or just say hello. This is "THE " place to be.  I look  forward to hearing from you.



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I am new here too so don't feel alone. I have had HIV for 20 years but new to reaching out and connecting with others in our community.  I am still learning how to navigate the site, you will learn it in no time.  If you have any questions just ask because everyone is very helpful and very kind.  


Good Morning

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To say the least , I have been welcomed with open arms . This has been an amazing week here in my life in Sarasota Fl. The understanding Love and acceptance I have only experienced in bits in pieces is coming to life right before my eyes. Thank you AGLM and all the ladies here.

This is truly a great experience.

I was able to share a story from "The Body" yesterday with a couple friends ; just went out on a limb and answered a question only  to find more people who embraced the education and me. Truly an amazing experience to help others to understand and its transforming me as I go.

Stay beautiful ladies!!! This new chapter is going to be a long awaited transformation. I could not do this alone and happy I dont have too.

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