Hi,So I recently gave birth...

Hi, So I recently gave birth to my first child. I experienced the stigma at every turn with OBs, the hospital I delivered at, and now my pediatrician. It seems difficult to find the support I deserve in Phoenix. I would really benefit from connecting with more moms in Phoenix. I just had my first child and have experienced the stigma at every turn. I’m hoping to connect with moms in Phoenix who might be able to refer me to OB’s and Pediatricians that are experienced and respectful about my status.

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Submitted by kmartel

Hi Ophelia, Thanks so much for posting--I think there is a little glitch (that we are working on) that may prevent others in the A Girl Like Me group from seeing this post and then more can respond! I am really glad you found us at The Well Project--there is an amazing community of women who I know would be happy to connect and provide support. I was going to reach out to a doctor I know in AZ (she is an ID doc, so not an OB or Ped) who hopefully can provide some recommendations. Feel free to email me at kmartel@thewellproject.org so we can be more connected as well! My very best, Krista

Submitted by Red40something

Welcome to the community! I see Krista has already reached out with some info, but wanted to say welcome, and let us know if you need anything else. This is a great place for resources and to help feel less alone! Congrats on the baby!!! So exciting! 


Submitted by kmartel

Hi Ophelia!

I heard from a trusted doc in AZ (not in Phoenix). She said this: 

One of my colleagues strongly recommends a pediatrician in Phoenix, Dr. Jan Piatt at Phoenix Childrens. She also wrote:

Kara Ihrke is/was the nurse case manager at Phoenix Childrens with Dr Jan Piatt. Her email is kihrke@phoenixchildrens.com. I’m not sure if she is still there. Likely Dr. Piatt can recommend a good OB.

Hope this helps! Please keep us posted!! xkrista


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