HIV Empowered Me!

A Girl Like Me blogger,, sitting on the beach.HIV empowered me - and now I am free.

When I first found out I had HIV - I believed my life was over. I come from a catholic upbringing, and even though I no longer practice, those feelings of guilt and shame still lingered.

There were things that good girls do and there were things that bad girls do. I fell squarely in the bad girl category and the shame and guilt of HIV consumed me.

When I was given the news that I was HIV positive I went home, lay on the sofa and cried like I had never cried before. I cried for who I am, I cried for what I had lost and I cried for my future. But most importantly, I cried alone. I felt so consumed with shame that I felt I could tell no one. Continue reading...



Thank You

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Thank you for sharing your story. I have been having the same difficulties and sometimes it consumes me and I feel like giving up. Hearing from others who are going through the same thing helps me more than you guys could ever know. This is an incredibly lonely place to be in and although friends and family are the majority of our support systems, they aren't experiencing what we are and find it hard to understand why we can't always see the silver lining. Thanks to you all who share because you save me every time ❤️🥰


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Im doing this for people like you.  I will do all i can to reduce stimga and judgement of HIV.  Sending you love.  thank you so much for reaching out x


Choose life

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Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful journey of choosing to live life because it is just beautiful!
That is if we see it that way.
And you reminded me of myself, for me it has been 23 year.
I salute your courage and strength.


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Thank you for taking the time to response. sending you love x

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