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When I was little I loved the color pink. I was so small for my age I still wore toddler sizes in first grade. I liked Dora the Explorer and Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus). I wanted to wear dresses all the time and for a while I didn't speak any English, only French.

I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm a teen. I hate pink. I am taller than my Grandma and almost as tall as my mom. I think Dora is annoying and weird and Miley Cyrus is just nasty. I wear jeans more than dresses and my English is so good a lot of people get surprised when I tell them I'm from Africa. People change.

I have changed. When I was little I wanted to talk a lot about HIV. I think it started when I had to go with my mom to all these classes about HIV. The people let her bring me every week. It was at night and I was the only kid. The other people were all grownups. Most nights I would color or draw or fall asleep but sometimes I stayed awake and listened. I didn't hardly understand whatever they were talking about but I knew it was about HIV and helping people. I wanted to help too.

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