I've come a damn long way. ...

I've come a damn long way.
Being a thriving POS WOMAN 32 DARN YEARS !!!! No one could have told me that I would have made it to see fewer pills. It been 6 years and am doing ok my CD4 count is 990 and am undetectable. This has been a real struggle in the past. I got off drugs, left the street life, was in stable housing (which I left)over the last 20 years before. But could not take the medication til 2015. The struggle was real for me. I prayed over it like I did most things. But could not get it right. Now after all that the fight is over for me . I take two pills daily to control my illness. Plus a few other of co infection. But am good with those. Am in a happy place with myself today. This gives me hope , not regret. If you are struggling with anything in life seek help. Don't sit in misery and allow yourself to stay in a bad space.

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