Loving and Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself and Loving yourself. This is for anyone but kind of more for us ladies cause I am speaking for myself. When I/you notice yourself needing something, whether it is intimacy, affection, or attention, give yourself what you need. If you need attention, take a day to pamper yourself in some way. Hair and nails for a mother/daughter day for myself. If you need intimacy, spend time writing in a journal or exploring nature. I write books or blogs for The Well Project or take a nice walk in the park. If you need affection, give yourself affection by thinking about what you love about yourself or taking yourself out for dinner and a movie.

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Just Do It

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Hey Christina.Thank you for such wonderful advice in your blog. We often get too carried away in all we must do and forget that we have to refuel. I know that I must listen to myself because I spend quite a bit of time alone as well. I could do something with myself. I love you Sis!! Again, great advice!!

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