Me & Covid 19 I found out...

Me & Covid 19

I found out on February 8, I have covid 19. This brought up old feelings and had me ready to say F it. I entered the hospital on the 12 for 3 days then went to a isolation pod for 7. Now am back at the shelter isolating til next month. But what I didn't understand was I did everything right. How did I catch this? Was I too clean ? Because I was only around everyone. In stores, laundry mat, in the shelter . So how ? I had so much other crap going on .Now this!!!! As I think back to my AIDS diagnosis in 1988 of September. This was just as in personal in this new age of emails. I got a sorry . Like a one night stand no names or explanation just SORRY!!! Am feeling better but, must wait to get retested from first date. But the shelter is a problem they told me to retest before coming back here. Now am waiting for my result after only 11 days of isolation. Am just grateful for family.

A Girl Like Me



Submitted by kmartel

Hi Uzima, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through--it seems like you have definitely been experiencing some hardships. One thing that is for sure, though, is your strength and resilience continue to shine through. I hope the rest of your isolation isn't too difficult and I'm glad you were released from the hospital. Just try to rest and build your strength back up. Let us know how we can support you--would you be interested in joining the A Girl Like Me blog itself? then we can loop you in more to the community and beyond. If you are interested, please let me know--you can reply here or email me at

Submitted by Destiny Smith

im so sorry to hear this i will have you in my prayers. things will get better i love you dear sister and please reach out if need be love.

Submitted by Marig2016

Hey Uzima, I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. Very early on, April 2020, my uncle passed from Covid 19. Today, almost a year later there has been so much research and advances I just know you’ll be ok! Be sure to take it easy, keep your strength up and know you have a community of sisters behind you, rooting for your speedy recovery. You are here to do amazing things so hold on to that! Lots of love!

Submitted by JoDha

Hello Uzima,
Thank you for writing in and sharing your story. When we share our story, we teach others too knowingly or unknowingly, and others learn much from the stories being told and the impact that is felt.

Listening to your story, I too am deeply concerned when it comes to COVID-19. In India, the first case of Corona positive patient was detected on mid-February which sent the country reeling under lockdown. After September, partial lockdown too was lifted. But again in February of 2021, there has been a surge in positive case and death.

I have so far protected myself from the coronavirus by following all the necessary guidelines. But I hear that the new strain is more powerful than the older one, and those who aren't yet affected by the virus are highly likely to catch it. Of course, it is most concerning.

My work (for The Well Project) includes travelling and meeting people. And work has to go on. The income has to be generated so that the basic needs are looked after - like food, clothing, shelter. Hence your powerful story made me think if there is any other way I can safeguard myself (yes, vaccination in India is already out and under phase 3 - for those with co-morbidities and age between 40-60.)

Thank you once again for sharing.
If you are able to document your case and share with us, it will be helpful for us people living with HIV + Covid19 what to expect and deal with it even better.

Love and Light,

Submitted by SpringFlower

Peace and Blessings Uzima, thank you for sharing your heartfelt story with us. Yes, when we share and open up the flow of emotion to empty out of us, it liberates you. When you continue to stand on Faith alone and pour out to God and yourself the burdens of things we can not change and give him the wheel; You will continue to heal and have the ability to deal with what life throws at you with peace and focus. Even in a bad circumstance or situation. I love you sister, and believe It is already alright. Satans job is to destroy and tear down, punch after, Covid, isolation, depression etc. But you got this. Speak to your circumstance and demand prosperity and peace to surround you. Demand satan to take a back seat to and return to the pits of hell. There is Power in the name of Jesus. trust that. I am a radio host and would love to talk further. Until then, remain in peace keep your head to the sky. sista to sista we are here for you.

Submitted by boseolotu

Hey Uzima,
Thank you so much for sharing your experience it is so encouraging.
It made me think back to January 2020, came back after the festive period only to be slammed with a termination of my contract job of over eight years.
And it didn't not end there, why at home thinking of the way forward... There came the big one COVID.
I choose to volunteer for my country Nigeria centre for disease control (NCDC) but one of the eligibility criteria is that I take a compulsory COVID test and this scared the crap out of me.
Because most Nigerians don't and still do not believe it is real.
So the very day I went for the test it was like my whole world collapse due to uncertainty because I was not really sure if I don't have point.
After the test waiting for the result was another challenge, for that day I don't I can't even explain how I feel, because I went to the bank after taking the test and I have to feel a withdrawal slip form for more than four times. I was just writing rubbish my mental stability was so messed up.

So my darling sister I am sending light and Love.

Keep staying safe.

Submitted by Escalice

Im so sorry you are having to go through this. Covid is scary and it has also brought up feelings for me in regards to my HIV status. You have come this far, keep pushing, You will get through this, Sending you love and strength.


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