This Is My Story of Going off Disability Because Living in Poverty Is Not an Option

A quick recap to catch those of you up who do not know my story. I diagnosed positive for HIV in 1996. I was 21 and began dating the man who became my husband when I was 19. That is not why I was on disability, living with HIV never made me sick because I was diagnosed at a time when meds were beginning to work, and I have been blessed and hardly had medical issues with HIV. Until my later age and now my body is showing wear and tear. And my stomach lining is messed up from the clinical trials at IUPUI I was part of in the late 90s that involved getting the dosage for AZT correct for use on women.

I was placed on full SSDI and SSI in 2010 from suffering carbon monoxide poisoning because my new husband installed my stove pipes incorrectly. I know, it seems like these husbands did not love me nearly as much as I may have thought, right?

Well, it has been nine years this year, and I officially went back to work full time in October 2019. How did I do that? That is a great story.

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