Pregnancy, Birth, and HIV

I've spoken briefly about finding out I was living with HIV when I got pregnant with my daughter, but I haven't really spoken on the entire experience. Although I have come to terms with my status and even embrace it, thinking back to that time can still be painful. I know full and well I did not receive the full support or services I should have from my medical care provider. I think of how different and probably how much more at peace I could have been, especially while being pregnant, had I received the support I needed early on. I want to share my experience in hopes that it can help other women who are pregnant and living with HIV to know they are not alone, they can get through it, and most importantly, that the chance of their babies becoming positive can be slim to none. I also want to encourage those who are newly positive to tell at least ONE person they feel they can trust. I went almost two years without telling anyone.

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