The Walking STD

You ever met somebody who had ALL the STDs?

Welp, that would be me.

Well, maybe not all of them.

But I have enough.

So you know about the HIV.

Blah blah blah.

But I wasn't so pressed to tell you about the Herpes part.

HS fucking V.

I feel disgusting even writing it.

But I have that one too.

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Thank you

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I found out I had HPV the Legions I get are very painful. I have to go under the knife every other month. They use to biopsy me on the doctor office table. I couldn't take the pain of the needles. So now I go in the operation room just for that. I did find someone who love and cares for me. He non Poz. I follow you up here .Thank you for speaking your truth.


I understand

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I was raped and as a result given HIV, herpes & genital warts. I know how you feel. Thankfully after what happened to me I do not want to be with a man ever again. At times the things that I say to myself have been absolutely horrible but over time I have managed to turn that negative voice to a positive voice.

We are invincible! ❤️

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