Where Does an Advocate Go?

I remember the first 10 minutes after I hit upload from my phone to tell the whole world of YouTube that I had been living with HIV. I was so nervous, happy, scared and free. I know - a lot of emotions at once. I had been battling about the timing for months. I decided in February 2017 that it was time to stop sitting on my gifts and write my story. I didn't expect a book to turn into me announcing on YouTube, but it did. I soon realized that I couldn't just write a story without also providing my story to people who may not get my book but needed my story. Here it was the early part of June and I couldn't breathe. Before posting I didn't really get to cross all my T's or dot all my I's. So I didn't know the reactions I would receive. I didn't have anyone to lean on which was part of the reason I was even sharing the video in the first place. So I waited and maybe an hour later my notifications blew up. It was like the world was waiting on my voice, waiting on me to share. It was overwhelming but here I am, two years later, still here, still striving.

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