Words Really Matter!

There are days when I really wonder why it is so hard to educate people about HIV. This is 2019, and there should be no stigma, and we should not be so well acquainted with heart breaking truths like the way that racism, poverty, and stigma kills, the way that comprehensive sex education would save so many lives, yet we're not allowed to provide schools with condoms, and we, the experts, the people who embody MIPA, we are still not always at the tables where major decisions are made! This made me ponder whether we are not creative enough as we engage the public. Are we? I am inspired by the way so many of my sisters write, like Stacy Jennings, and Shyronn Jones, and Claire Gasamagera, and so many more! When I become contemplative, I mull over the possible ways we all survive, and it has to be the different ways in which we all take to writing as though we have a whole world of people living with HIV to save, and lift up, and encourage! We write to save our own lives some days!

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