World Gone Mad, Women on the Way

I remember a time when I didn't have to think much about politics or worry if my rights as an American citizen or even as a human being might be stripped from me, or wonder in serious and sincere contemplation, whether or not American democracy would survive. I remember a time when I didn't have to wear a mask to go anywhere or be afraid to leave my house because other people refuse to. I remember when I could travel to see family and friends and hug them tightly when I saw them without concern for our lives. I remember when we didn't store bodies in refrigerated trucks because there was no more room in the morgue. I remember when facts were true and science was heeded (for the most part), I remember a time when we all cared about our climate, because it affects us all, I remember when white supremacy was widely considered a heinous and ugly thing that belonged under a rock never to be accepted in the light of day, and I remember when Russia and North Korea were not our friends (because they're not), and this time that I remember wasn't that long ago.

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