You're not going to die.


You're not going to die.

The good news is you're not going to die.

You are going to be just fine.

As long as you realize you're not going to die.

People can live long healthy lives with HIV.

You can survive this like the millions before you.

In one way or another in various tones from forced to cheer to seriousness, at four out of five of my initial appointments after learning that I had HIV, someone made it a point to tell me that I wasn't going to die.

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Submitted by boseolotu

Thank you so much Red40something, for sharing.
As I read your blog and experience shared it just took me back to the early days of HIV/AIDS diagnoses.
And I was posted as a trained HIV counselor to work in a Government Teaching hospital there I get to see and counsel lots of people, families infected and after by the AIDS virus.
And most of them died at that time. Even up till today I still work at a National call center on HIV/AIDS and related diseases.
People who just got to know their status always asked this big question When I am going to die?
Lots of patients still once you are tested positive to the AIDS virus the next thing is death.
But one thing I say is this no one knows when anybody will die or live it is God that have that answer so I just encourage them to live a positive life and have a positive attitude towards life.

Submitted by Red40something

@ boseolotu, yes ma'am! Having a good attitude is so important to survive and thrive. I realize my experience is vastly diffent than in the beginning of the crisis. I hear from my patients all the time who were told "you have AIDS, settle your affairs" I can't imagine being told but I only have a couple of months to live, but by the same token I would never have imagined being told but I have a virus that COULD kill me but that WOULDN'T. Neither is something you anticipate in life.


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