A Girl Like Me (AGLM), a program of The Well Project, is a blog where women ( cis and trans The Well Project serves women across the gender spectrum. (More about gender identity)) can share their experiences and promote understanding of HIV. Millions of women around the globe are living with HIV, yet many feel they are alone in their disease and isolated in their day-to-day experiences. The goals of AGLM are to help normalize HIV; and to create a safe space for women living with HIV from around the world to speak out and share their experiences – with each other, and with those seeking a support community.

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When It Clicks

One of the most powerful things a patient said to me was "Just because I hear you doesn't mean I understand what you're saying". His regimen was changing because he had some resistance and I was doing the nurse education part of the visit right before discharge when we reiterate...

My Story with HIV

I kept my HIV diagnosis a secret from almost everyone for nearly 20 years. Diagnosed at 18 in 1991 and contracted HIV at the age of 15 in 1988, I told family and friends I had leukemia.

I became an activist more than 20 years ago and became a tireless...

Take Care of Yourself!

How are you?

I'm good.

No, you're not!

Yes, I am!

I need you to gather your things and go take care of yourself!

I'm fine!

I'm not asking you; I'm telling you to get your shit and go! You're over here shaking like crazy and you don't look to...

He Died Without Apologizing!

It's been almost four years since I contracted HIV. In the back of my mind I've always held onto a little piece of hope. Hope that the man who gave it to me would one day apologize. One day we would cross paths and we would have to have that...

An Open Letter to Healthcare Providers from a Woman, Living with HIV, of Transgender Experience, in the Rural South

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be transgender? Living with HIV? In the rural South? Each of these issues alone can be challenging. Together, they are my reality—and it's crucial for healthcare providers to acknowledge them all when addressing my needs.

Let's start with language, as it is,...

My August and September: Traumatized and Depressed

[Content warning: multiple sudden deaths, including a stillbirth]​

I am traumatized! I have been living in fear and my heart is so full of anxiety for no particular reason! I don't even know where to begin. The past weeks have been a very challenging and traumatizing time for me...

Doctor's Visit

Yesterday I had my first doctor's appointment for my HIV care in a year. Between the pandemic, remote learning with my daughter, and moving from NYC to upstate, life has been hectic to say the least. Before this I had been going to the same clinic since my diagnosis six...

More Beauty Than One Deserves

I can remember meeting you at Walgreens, teaching you to text. You were such a handsome mystery… You took to me. You took me in and showed me a love I would never have imagined existed.

My heart skipped like a stone on water. Intrigued is where I went. I...

She Don't Listen

"Ciarra. Just sit your ass down and write."

... this is really how I be talking to myself.

Cus I'm stubborn.

And, apparently that soft shit don't work with me.

You gotta get indignant.

Yell a little bit.

Not too much though.

Cus imma cry.

To read this blog...

Aging and Living with HIV

As I, reflect, I am honored and privileged for the opportunity to be alive today.

I am Grateful. This is the Here and Now. Sad to have known so many, that have not been granted this gift of aging. Grateful, Humbled, and Blessed Beyond. Often, I say, I am Dammm...


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2022 USCHA

Katie Willigham.What a wonderful joy it has been to attend the 2022 United States Conference on HIV and AIDS in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I'm so grateful to NMAC for allowing me to attend on their HIV50+ Strong & Healthy Scholarship; I'm sure many applied. People come from...

USCHA 2022

Logo for USCHA and bottle of medication.Let's talk about it! Y'all. after four and a half years of being an advocate and educating myself on HIV since I was diagnosed, I finally got to go to my very first in-person conference. It was everything I needed and more, but wait,...

A RISKY Move, a REWARDING Experience

A house amongst trees in Bangalore.Five months back, I had taken an IMPULSE decision of relocating from my comfort zone of Nagpur to the hustle and bustle of the metropolis of BANGALORE. After all, I am a metropolis girl and Nagpur was a small city. A few years of staying...

Intro - Samantha Rose Montemayor Morales

Samantha Rose Montemayor Morales.Hello, my name is Samantha Rose Montemayor Morales. I am a Proud Trans Latina Woman of Color who has been living with HIV since June 28, 2010. How has my culture impacted my experience with HIV? When I was told I was HIV positive, I lived my...

National Latinx AIDS Awareness Day

Maria Mejia.As we celebrate this very important Latinx AIDS Awareness Day, I think about how far we have come, but I also think about so many things that remain the same in our communities in the United States and Latin America. We still face the same issues that we faced...


Green leaves with words, "carried for a moment loved for a lifetime".**Content Warning** This piece discusses pregnancy loss.

"God gives his hardest battles to his toughest soldiers"

Who told God I was that tough? I'm really not though. I've been through a lot of stuff in my life....

Reaching Your Dreams

Woman in front of colorful mountains with a butterfly next to her.Translation of written submission by Kenya

Hello! I'm Kenya. I'm 28 years old, married, I have three daughters, and yes, I am HIV positive. I was diagnosed four years ago, and I'm still standing, fighting, moving forward, and even...

Positive Living 2022

Headshot of Katie Willingham.After three long years of fearing to gather together, grinding all conferences and in-person events to a halt, condemning us all to a life of isolation and social distancing, at long last life has begun to creep back from the shadows of an epic epidemic, and none...

Surviving Hurricane Ian

Marissa Gonzalez.I've lived in Southwest Florida (SWFL) since 2004 and I've experienced a few storms with my family since being here. Charlie was my introduction, not even having lived here a month. I moved to Cape Coral about two years ago, and this was the first storm that was headed...

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