The Reunion Project : COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and People Living with HIV: Information and Support Webinars (March 20 and March 24, 2020)

via The Reunion Project and PWN-USA

The Reunion Project is the national alliance of Long-Term Survivors that serves as a convener, connecting individuals and communities. We are all feeling the stress and worry of today - and many of us are feeling anxious and even experiencing trauma as the events and personal stories unfold surrounding the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, The Reunion Project and community partner Positive Women's Network-USA will hold a much-needed webinar on COVID-19, centering People Living with HIV and AIDS.

The webinar, "COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) and People Living with HIV: Information and Support Webinar" will address strategy, practical tools and support for People Living with HIV during a time of the coronavirus pandemic.

We are holding TWO webinars; you can be on either one or both:

The first webinar is
Friday, March 20th
2:30-3:30pm ET / 11:30am-12:30pm PT

The second webinar is
Tuesday, March 24th
6-7pm ET / 4-5pm PT

Registration link for both webinars:

Zoom meeting link for both webinars:

The webinar will be hosted by:

  • Waheedah Shabazz-El, The Reunion Project
  • JD Davids, TheCrankyQueer, NYC Mutual Aid for COVID-19 Response

Presenters include:

  • Yolo Akili Robinson
  • David Fawcett, PhD, LCSW
  • David Malebranche, MD, MPH
  • Krutika Kuppalli, MD
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