Take a Load Off - June 25, 2021

June 25, 2021
7:00pm EST
via ICW-NA

In celebration of #NationalHIVTestingAwarenessDay2021 and the graduation of the first family of Vanessa Johnson/ICWNA/ICW Caribbean's virtual adaptation of "Common Threads"-"Healing Together", we are hosting a virtual party that includes plethora of feel-good events sure to help you unwind!

*** To start off the evening right, there will be a mixology class taught by Tamar Cameron where you'll learn how to make a delicious adult or virgin beverage to loosen up a bit before shaking your groove thang (yeah, I said it ) with Heather Rhea O'Connor!

Later you'll get to enjoy a comedy set by America's Favorite HIV+ born stand up comedian, Brandon Cox Sanford (Andy Feds) before sitting down for a "serious sex talk" with Bela Modi (toys included!! ). **

People of all identities, colors, genders, affiliations, and ages are invited (as long as you're a nice person who is 18+... pets can come, too)!

You deserve some rest and relaxation after all you've been through, so please treat yourself and join us to "Take a Load Off"!

Your mental well-being will thank you later.

Click here to register & join the party!

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