Corona Stress?

Corona Stress getting on to you? Let’s FOCUS ON FOLLOWING THINGS WE CAN CONTROL : Watch TV news or read newspaper for information purpose only. Update rehne ke liye. Bas. Isse jyaada avoid WhatsApp forwards, Facebook posts or anything related to C19. Avoid indulging in any kind of political "behas". If you want to share something to help someone, first VERIFY. Khud verify karo - call the number or check the site. Agar na kar sakte ho then at least dont even share the news or post. Unnecessary panic ya rumour nahi failaane hai. Wash your hands, avoid touching your face, stay home, avoid crowd and gatherings, avoid unnecessarily travel or unnecessary shoppings, keep 6 feet distance, get vaccinated and wear mask at all times. It is a very frightening time. The second wave has hit us with a vengeance, bringing with it a yet another strain of virus, mutating and evolving. Blackmarketing of Remdesevir, stockout of oxygen, vaccine, unavailability of beds, people dying, there is a chaos everywhere. Even I am stressed out. Very very anxious - and that's the main reason I have cancelled my trips - my HEALTH is more important than the money I will get from those trips by giving advocacy sessions. Yes, am losing lot of money because mujhe meri jindagi pyaari hai. Haan, marna toh sabko hai, lekin faltu irresponsible tarah se nahi. Maro toh shaan se. This is NOT a time for blame game. This is a time to brace ourself up and help ourself to help others in time of need. This is a time to be selfless and show kindness and compassion for those who are suffering and have lost much more. We don't know how long this will last. We don't know how badly we will be impacted. We don't know how bad things will get. BUT What we know is: how to face this crisis, how to manage anxiety and fears with strong mind. Ek din!! Bas, ek din!!! Don’t give up HOPE

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