Hero Awards - Bangkok

Hero Awards - Community Ally. (Bangkok) This one was the BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT. Sabse pehle - yeh “community ally” kya hota hai. Ally मतलब सहयोगी। Community Ally वही होता है जो किसी अन्य व्यक्ति या “समूह” के साथ समर्थन करता है - यानी transgenders, gays, bisexuals, lesbians. I have many friends in this community and from them I have learnt a lot. A LOT. हमदोनो की लड़ाईं एक ही है - to fight stigma, to be loved and accepted. As I am. As they are. As we are “born this way”. Thank you APCOM for considering me the part of the family. Thank you Roy Wadia for introducing me to APCOM and my deepest thanks to Midnight Niké Panusart for all the love, inclusion and acceptance. And a small speech from my side : WE CAN ONLY GIVE TO OTHERS WHAT WE POSSES. Just like we can share wealth with others only if we posses wealth, similarly we can love others only if we know what it feels like to be loved!! (Yes, I do crave for love which I lack since childhood). Also, we can bring HOPE to others if we feel hope for ourselves (being HIV positive has its own fair of ups and down, but it was a beautiful journey - a journey with purpose). Also, all credit goes to people who love me, who believe in me. Last but not least, to The Well Project - HIV and women who instilled strong principles of developing “character” in me which has an ability to change lives. What GREAT men do, COMMON men follow महापुरुष क्या करते हैं, आम आदमी उसका अनुसरण करते हैं

Heros Award 2020
India : HIV Support Group




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