Hi Jyoti,I would like to...

Hi Jyoti,
I would like to start by telling that how inspired I am by this amazing work you are doing for spreading the awareness about HIV and ending the stigma related to it and spreading the positive outlook among PLWHA. I recently got diagnosed and past few days have been nothing but horrible, but your posts have really given me the courage and hope that all is not sad and gloom, and there is still light at the end of the tunnel.
I would really like this group to be more active. Unfortunately in our country we still cannot talk openly about HIV, there is no way for novice to get access to the information about healthcare options, medicines, IDs. Internet has most updated information available about treatment options in countries like USA, Canada, UK etc. but there is hardly anything you can see about India and this is ironic for the country which manufactures about 80% of the ART drugs used worldwide. together we all can change it, I hope we can make best use of this tool we have to reach more and more people not only to protect them from HIV but also helping them learn to live with it.


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Submitted by JoDha

Hi Temp123,

First of all, I would like to apologise for late reply as I was down with Dengue. Third week going, am still on the recovering stage. Not to worry, I am pretty all right now, with blood platelets being on the normal range - it is the strength that am yet to regain. I get tired easily - and that is one of the most worst side-effect of dengue!!

And yes, once I get back my strength fully, I will definately make this group page running at least once every week - posting stuffs and pictures. Will even write more related to HIV/AIDS in India - also the blogs which I have less frequently had it posted due to some issues and responsibilities on home front that kept me busy. The wise birdie told me "It is not that you don't have time, you need to "eke" out time"!! So, I am going to do that - eke out time for each and everything and manage my schedule. 

I need to thank you also, for your mail which further encouraged and motivated me!!


Much love,


Submitted by temp123

I am sorry to hear about your Dengue infection. But I am glad to see that you recovering and getting back to your healthy self. Take care of yourself as that would be your biggest priority right now. I would be more than happy to help you in any assistance you need managing this group or otherwise.

Thanks, :)


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