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Need help
I have been recently diagnosed positive. As I was unable to take any decisions due to shock a friend took me to Government IcTC and they started my treatment with ART. I want to know whether government hospitals are good for hiv treatment in India or do I need to switch to some private doctor ? They have given me tenofovir combination one pill a day. Is it right ? Am I doing a mistake by not going to some renowned private clinic ? I urgently need help please.

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Submitted by JoDha

Dear AKM,

Thank you for reaching out to me in message as well as on chat. Like we had discussed, since you are newly diagnosed, it is better to talk to the counsellor. ICTC centres and government hospitals always has a counsellor, kindly request for one. Even I had sent you the name of the counsellor you can reach out to in Delhi. I have also sent you the name of a doctor (who is my friend too) - and he will do the needful - So reach out to him on Facebook or better still, visit him personally. 

Taking treatment either from private or government depend on your budget. If you can afford private care, go for it. Government Hospital provide free treatment though you need to go through the trouble of waiting in a queue for your turn (hence show up early). 

Tenofovir combination is good. You didnt mention what are the combinations though.

Hope my detailed information helps.

All the best :)

Submitted by akm

Thank you very much for your help and support. I got connected to your friend.

Any idea of treatment cost in private hospital ? I am afraid that I may not get care when I need in government hospital and they may not answer all my queries but cost is also a factor. I hope medicines are same there.

I have been given Tenofovir, efiravenz and Lamivudine pill. Is it the best for me? Are there any long term side effects?

Submitted by SpringFlower

Dear AKM.............yes the one a day pill is great, I have been positive now for 25 yrs and have taken many of the meds that make others sick I am finialy on a regimin that works and has no side effects. People live with HIV now, its not all that bad to talk about it anymore, like it was when i was first told i had it.

Embrace the fact that the Lord still has you here for a purpose. Take care of yourself inside and out, and only tell when you need to. If you date him or her and your not having sex Keep it to yourself, if you think this may be the one then Please share the information. It is better to be embarrassed once than to infect someone without them having the opportunity to make the decision on their own to deal with your health issues. coming from a place of silence for over 13 years and much theroy later, I now know my worth even with this blood disorder and i won't settle for the ooooh baby i don't like condoms or if you loved me speil this new generation has today.

All in all yes the one pill a day is the golden ticket nowadays so take it FAITHFULLY and live your best life. oh and start if you have not already, start a conversation with the Lord. As he is the only one that will NEVER LEAVE US OR FORSAKE US......NEVER. but man and woman even family will. So get grounded and guard your heart. You may be down but you are not out. You have a it.

Spring Flower 25yrs and counting

Submitted by akm

Thank you very much for your encouraging words and advise. Yes, I am trying to be positive in attitude along with my positive status , I know I have to live for my family, for my kids and I will. Though this is like any other disease now a days but still our society does not accept it and give us the character certificate. This is the irony.

My only concern is that Whether I will get right treatment and right care, checkups on time etc in government set up. I am not able to afford private treatment.

Submitted by akm

Thank you do much for your support. I reached out to your doctor friend but not got any response yet. Also the counsellor is not accessible on Facebook . Can you pls help me asking your friend to help me. I am in a very bad phase right now.

Any idea of annual cost of treatment in private hospital ?
I am afraid that in government hospital I may not access the care whenever needed.
The combination in have been given is tenofovir disoproxil fumarate, Lamivudine and Efavirenz. Is that the good one? Can I get side effects from it?
I am really concerned about my life expectancy as I am having a family with small kids , your support will help me a lot.

Thanks you so much

Submitted by JoDha

Instead of facebook, reach out to him at Mehrauli TB Hospital located at Aurobindo Marg. (National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease). Visit him BEFORE lunch hours. He is a doctor and a busy person hence his facebook time is limited. If you can't wait for his reply, bettter visit him personally which I feel is the best for you.

As I had mentioned, cost for private care differ from hospital to hospital. Though the medicine cost is same everywhere, the fees for doctor, counselling charges, lab tests, etc etc differ from one private clinic to another. 

I would still advise you to go to the mentioned TB hospital, visit the doctor whose name I have given you (give him my reference) and then in case you are not satisfied, let me know. I will see what need to be done.

The medicine prescribed is good though Efavirenz will slow you down. I need to look at your whole file to advise you further - if you need my counselling on this part, I charge 500/- per hour and you can reach me out on FB by the same name. Since it will take much of my time, and since you need a proper guidance and support, I am willing to help you in this - but before that, try meeting the doctor. Once you have met him, am sure you won't regret the trip made.


Submitted by akm

Thank you so much for all your support, I have spoken to doctor and going to meet him soon. I hope I will be better. Thanks once again


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