Reach out/Connect to me....

Reach out/Connect to me..

For people in India ( and of course, ANYWHERE in the world), who want to reach out to me and connect, to talk and share about problems and find a solution, am available both in Facebook as well as eMail...though a small teeny-tiny request : LEAVE IN THE MESSAGE ( instead of "waiting" for me to be online, on chat - leaving in the message is a QUICKER FASTER way to get a response).... I will surely reply to it in-between breaks or whenever am free.....That's my PROMISE <3




Please help I am in depression

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Hi Jyoti,

I am a husban and father of 3.5 years old daughter. 1 month back me and spouse tested positive and seems life ends for us. We have started treatment and slowly recovering, but becuase os day to day problems in life I am not able to cope this situation. Though my wife is supporting and giving me strenght, I am breaking down again and again and getting in to big deprssion. Not able to concentrate on my high profile job even. Please help what can I do.


Hi there...

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Thank you so much for the mail. 

Where are you based? If you are in Mumbai, then we can personally catch up and talk things over. It will make you feel better.

Till then, as am already replying to your mail, let me tell you - please don't bottle up your emotions. Also, there are solutions to every problems. We will work the things out and give/guide you to the best possible way. 

Mail me on to let me know the best possible time for you to chat - and I will log in accordingly.


Warmest Regards,


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