2019 UCLA/J&J HCEP Program - Applications Now Available!

via UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program

Learn from the experts and strengthen your skills in healthcare management. 2019 Applications are now available!

Program Dates:
June 17 – 27, 2019

Deadline to Apply:
April 26, 2019

The UCLA/Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program (HCEP) is a valuable opportunity for executives of community health centers (CHCs) to participate in an eleven day, intensive management development program at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. While CHC’s have been the principal audience, ASO's (AIDS service organizations), and other community-based organizations (CBO’s) that are engaged in cross sectoral partnerships to address behavioral health and the social determinants of health will also find the program extremely relevant.

The program helps build the entrepreneurial competence of executives while enhancing their capacity to expand the quality and quantity of care, treatment and support delivered to under-served and vulnerable populations nationwide.

For more information please contact Diana Hernandez, Senior Program Manager at (310) 794-9559 or diana.hernandez@anderson.ucla.edu.

Visit our website at www.anderson.ucla.edu/price/jnj/hcep

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