i am an engineer from India...

i am an engineer from India any opportunities for me



Jobs in India

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Hello Engineer Sa'ab,

This is JoDha from The Well Project. I am based in Nagpur, India.

Regarding the job, being an engineer, do look up in job based portals (like Monster, Naukari for example). Also, with the ongoing pandemic, job placements will take time, but it is never hard to try - do post in your resume to various organisations you are interested to work with. There are lot of cost cuttings going on, and even the top factories are shutting down - like Atlas Cycles. By September, India will gradually start picking up and economic situation will slowly return back to normal.

Wishing you all the best.
Any more issues, do feel free to reach out to me.

Love and Light,
JoDha Hukum


yes ma'am i am trying on

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yes ma'am i am trying on these sites. actually i am new here and i found a group Job Opportunities, Fellowships, Internships & Scholarships so i posted that.. ma'am i need your help and advice .. how can i contact you?


I am reachable on FB

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I am reachable on FB messenger. My FB ID is Jyoti Janak Dhawale.
Please drop in the DETAILED message for me to be able to repond back to you.
The group Job Opportunities, Fellowships, Internships & Scholarships are currently only for citizen based in USA

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