It’s true that the issue of...

It’s true that the issue of having a sexual relationship with a partner can cause anxiety when you are living with HIV. But you have to remember—“living with HIV” means just that: Living! Having HIV does not prevent you from dating or marrying—it just may require a little more responsibility and trust from you and your partner. Fear of Rejection? We all have the fear of being rejected. I also have that fear and having this fear has put me inside not Days or Weeks but Years. It's hard because a lot of people still have not been educated and are scared they will catch the virus by casual contact.
What has helped me is coming out open, I don't hide no more. I have got more involved with Others Living with HIV. It is so hard one alone can be so lonely but Us together can make a big difference.
Before we can truly love someone we have to learn to love our self and accept our diagnoses.
There is LOVE after HIV. Don't let HIV define who you are. When trying to find love get to know the person as a friend first. A lot of people tell people right away but myself I wait I let them get to know me first. I myself wait because I am not looking for SEX. That comes with a real true relationship for me. Once they get to know me Then I discuss HIV and get their opinions on the Virus and ask would you Date someone or have a relationship with someone living with HIV.
It depends their reactions. If they cant even talk about the subject,or have issues being around someone with only casual contact then I just put the friendship off. I only disclose my status if it comes down to sex. Then the discussion is made between the both of us, going slow getting to know one another and Using protection is what I stress. I have been so much relieve of the stress coming out about my status.
when getting to know someone take your time,Don't rush. Enjoy your new friendship everyone deserves someone and everyone deserves a chance with TRUE Love.

Stigma, Positive Relationships, and Healthy Living


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Submitted by Positive31

Being patient is a virtue.....I can be very impatient. .causing me a lot of trouble. ..and pain. I'm glad I found you all. It's a big relief and a learning process, no matter how long you have being positive there are times we still ask Why...let's learn not to ponder on the why's but move on to what's next?


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