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via National AIDS Memorial

"In 2015, the National AIDS Memorial and the HIV Story Project launched a multi-year AIDS oral history project titled ‘Surviving Voices’ to ensure that stories and lessons of the epidemic are captured, curated, and retained for future generations. Although steeped in tragedy and prejudice, the story of AIDS is rich in relentless determination, and powerful in its success; a story with abundant lessons for current and future generations as they confront their own social justice challenges. From the first recognized cases in 1981 to now, AIDS is a story of communities, consciousness raising, hope, and determination. Through years of denial and avoidance by government and society to the anxious realization that the epidemic was out of control, communities gained their voices, expressed their outrage, and took action. AIDS is an inspiring social justice story that will empower marginalized communities for generations to come.

The Transgender Community & AIDS

In 2019, the Surviving Voices oral history project explored the impact of the AIDS pandemic on the transgender community. The videos and interviews in this collection shed a light on the experiences of transgender women and men as well as non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals with HIV & AIDS. They also honor the contributions of the members of this community (both HIV+ and HIV-) to the fight against AIDS."



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