The Well Project Releases Five-Year Strategic Plan

Submitted on May 22, 2019

"Our strategic plan is designed to address the complex nature of women’s lives..." Aryah Lester, CAB memberMay 22, 2019 – Brooklyn, NY. The Well Project is thrilled to launch a strategic plan to guide the organization over the coming five years encapsulated in the infographic below. This plan was developed in partnership with our board of directors and community advisory board as an extension to a strategic planning exercise to ensure that we are pursuing our work with intention. "The strategic plan is a foundational tool to inform the expansion of our programming over the coming five years, because it represents guidance from many of our most important stakeholders," says Judy Auerbach, PhD, Board Co-Chair.

"The Well Project and its members understand there's no single solution to decreasing the negative effects of HIV on women and our strategic plan is designed to address the complex nature of women’s lives. Research, supported leadership and meaningful partnerships are some of the keys to women's health across the world, and our members are here to see success in our lives and others," Aryah Lester, Community Advisory Board. 

These two important groups of stakeholders provide ongoing and invaluable feedback into our work and process. The resulting strategic plan formalized the goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics that will guide our programming between now and 2023 and focuses on five primary areas:

  • Education and Information
  • Community Support
  • Advocacy and Leadership
  • Collaborative Engagement
  • Women-focused Research

The Well Project will execute a number of strategies to continue to organically grow the organization and better serve the needs of our ever-expanding community:

  • Enhance the content and expand the reach of The Well Project's online offerings and programming
  • Cultivate connection and engagement among women living with HIV
  • Develop resources that advance the health literacy and agency of women living with and vulnerable to HIV
  • Create and foster partnerships with mission-aligned organizations
  • Convene the Women's Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI) and advance research and policy issues specific to women and HIV

We are excited to share this plan with you and look forward to continuing to serve women living with and vulnerable to HIV.

Download PDF of Strategic Plan graphic


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