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Transforming lives since 1996
Christie's Place logo and words "Love Grows Here".

Christie's Place is a nonprofit social service organization in San Diego County that provides HIV/AIDS education, support and advocacy. Our mission is to empower women, children, families and individuals whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS to take charge of their health and wellness. We are the only organization in San Diego County whose mission is dedicated to serving women, children and families living with HIV/AIDS.

Because HIV/AIDS affects everyone, Christie's Place is dedicated to fulfilling our promise to successfully support and serve our clients and community. We maintain an underlining principle of hope and instill a sense of empowerment to all of our clients. It is this very experience and our open doors which make us a unique resource and endowment to the community.

For over two decades, Christie's Place has built a staff who are dedicated to strengthening individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. We continue to be an agent of social change through our commitment to transforming lives by bettering the health and wellness of our clients. Our integrity, expertise and longstanding foundation in the community, along with the delivery of family-centered and comprehensive social services, cultivates hope and empowers women, children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Healing Hope book cover.

As part of a collaboration with our longtime partner organization Christie's Place, The Well Project will be sharing stories from their book "Healing Hope: A woven tapestry of strength and solace" as blog entries on our A Girl Like Me platform. We look forward to readers' comments and thoughts on this powerful text!



To learn more about Christie's Place, please visit their website.

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