Thank You to Our Fundraising Drive Donors!

On behalf of The Well Project, we would like to thank all of our donors for their generous donations to our first major fundraising drive! The outpouring of support from friends, family, and colleagues helped us achieve our goal and secure an additional $25,000 in matching grants. Your contributions enable us to move forward on the development of our new web portal that will provide critical life-saving information and dramatically increase our reach to women and girls living with HIV around the world. We would also like to thank our supporters for their ongoing support!





Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation



Nicholas Roxborough



Ron Falcon
Philip Gordon
Martel Design and Fabrication
Charles Scott






Carrie Foote
Jeannette Levenstein
Jeanne Martel



Deborah Cooke
Maura Riordan



Pat Amphora
K Anastos
Judith Auerbach
Louisa Averitt
Richard Averitt
Valerie & Scott Averitt
Abby Charles
Jean Clement
John Crittenden
Judith Currier
Kelly Dingle
Della and Robert Heitzman
Rosalie Kerr
Roberta LaVezzi
Caroline Mitchell
Christer Odebjer
Kirk Smith
Fulvia Veronese



Karen Ammentorp
Kate Bennis
Jennifer Brownstein
Richard Colver
Robert Greenwald
Michael Heitzman
Judy Isikow
Linda M. Smith and John Klupsak
Beverly Lacey
Jen Lee
Amy K Parham
Lori DeLaitsch Parisi
Kim Reed
William Scheld
Patricia Smail
Penelope Stipanovich
Kimberly Struble
Celeste Watkins-Hayes
Karen Wirth
Renee Zipprich


$50 and under

Michael Arnot
Elizabeth Baudhuin
Mary Borloglou
Sophie Bridge
Isabella Carvalho
Sandra Cheng
Alyssia Cursi
Rebecca Denison
Neal DePersia
Rebecca Firesheets
Sandra Gallagher
Juliana Johnson
Robert Johnson
Tadhg Kelly
Rosalie Kerr
Sarah Magid
Kerrie Manthey
Colleen Mitchell
N Mulrine
Annie Oberfield
Kristian Odebjer
Julie Price
Maria Fechtmuller-Read
Pauline Rohrer
C. Shuler
Norma Starankovic
Melissa Sawyer
Robert Thorn
Carah Whaley
Debbie Westman


Unspecified Amount

Dawn Averitt
Trevor and Elaine Budd
Kenneth G High
Jennifer Kates
Agnes Schrider
Beth Pastor
Proxy PR
Kate and Ethan Zuckerman



If you missed the fundraising drive, you can still contribute a tax-deductible donation at any time here!
Thank you! 


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