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UequalsU, not HIV.

One year ago I was diagnosed with HIV. I'm not a victim! I'm walking sunshine with victory that's filled with powerful testimonies. I thank God that I'm alive and he chose me to be a part of such a phenomenal battle. I accepted my HIV and told it, "You do not control, define, conquer or discourage me." I gave my HIV not choice in the matter, but to understand that! My HIV might actually feel sorry that it lives with a strong, undectectable and untransmittable young lady like me.

Why LovingMeForever wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: I want to be a part of A Girl Like Me because I want everyone in the world to know that they are not alone. None of us asked for this diagnosis, but we are survivors and we have the opportunity to be the change that we want to see in the world today. We are just as worthy to live our best lives as anyone else walking this earth knowing that we are all abnormal in our own ways, but equal as a whole. I equal my sister, my sister equals me, and U equals U, not HIV!