Take Care of Yourself!

How are you?

I'm good.

No, you're not!

Yes, I am!

I need you to gather your things and go take care of yourself!

I'm fine!

I'm not asking you; I'm telling you to get your shit and go! You're over here shaking like crazy and you don't look to good to me.

I'm about to be homeless with no transporation, so I can't afford to leave and besides, I just went to the hospital a couple weeks ago... it's probably just a common cold coming back.

This job will be here as well as others, but you only get one life to live and I just need you to take care of yourself right now! Keep me updated and thank you!

I went to another hospital and was told that I had Strep throat... I never got better and my body rejected any medications that I attempted to take. I lived off a can pineapples and crangrape juice for about a week, until I could barely move my pain filled body.  

I had an aunt to visit me and she told me, "Nobody knows your body like you and nobody's going to take care of you like you! Try the hospital where I receive care from, because they'll find out whatever it is. I'll even help you get dressed and take you."

I guess the third hospital was a charm! The staff didn't understand how I was still functioning because my vitals were of someone in a coma. I told them I didn't have time and needed to get back to working ASAP.

There's no gaurantee that you're going to make it to work any time soon or back into this hospital, if you leave. I broke down in tears and was immediately admitted into the hospital and treated for all the things that could be treated there.

(To Be Continued...)





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One of the affirmations I've taken to heart is "you cannot pour from an empty cup".
Rest your mind and your body, or they will MAKE you rest.


So often we worry about

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So often we worry about everyone BUT ourselves. We give so much to others, neglecting our wants and needs. I too believe that you cannot pour from an empty cup. I know this is from over a month ago, and apologize for my delayed response but I do hope you are feeling much better and are remembering to take care of you! 


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