finding balance


The tracks leave uncertainty cruelty and shame. The devil lied, it's part of his game. Fear the Lord and find your space. I'm not falling apart I'm falling into place.

Submitted on Jul 23, 2024

I'm never beat until I quit trying. It's been a week in my motel. No abuse, no drugs, I am climbing my way out of depression and being grateful for all I have.

Submitted on Jul 12, 2024

I am very proud to be delivering a workshop at AIDS 2024, the International AIDS Conference in Munich, about mindfulness, stress reduction and emotional balance. If you're going to the conference, pop by and say hello.

Submitted on Jul 11, 2024

I believe it when my street ministry lady and case worker tell me I'm falling into place not apart. Although it may feel overwhelming I don't dare become stagnant.

Submitted on Jul 2, 2024

Yo siempre estoy educando a los demás. Las personas que deberían saberlo, no lo saben. Crecieron cuando comenzó la epidemia del VIH. Entonces, comparto mi historia porque quiero ayudar a la gente. NECESITAMOS HABLAR SOBRE EL VIH.

Submitted on Jul 1, 2024

I'm constantly educating people. People that should know, don't. They grew up when the HIV epidemic started. So, I share my story because I want to help people. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT HIV.

Submitted on Jul 1, 2024

During the last two and a half years I have been silent, my voice quiet and non existent.... Today I adjust my sail and scream so I can clear my throat and begin to unload all the turbulence I have been navigating alone.

Submitted on Jun 28, 2024

If you struggle with addiction, depression or mental health, please know how important you are and reach out. I shut down, now I need to relearn self love and self esteem.

Submitted on Jun 20, 2024

If we don't speak up about what we are dealing with regarding treatment side effects (or whatever it is), who will know? Who will listen? Who will care? And how will things ever improve for those who come after us?

Submitted on Jun 13, 2024

Que consumo en ayunas con mis 51 años y como sobreviviente del #vih de 36 años

Submitted on Jun 12, 2024


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