Hello all!  I'm Michelle and I'm wife and a mother and I have 6 chihuahuas and 6 chickens.  I love my family and my dogs are a real life-line some days for constant approval and love.  :-)   I enjoy photography and writing about my animals.  I crochet and bead and make jewelry, I practice the Tarot...  I also meditate a lot.

I've been HIV positive for 21 years.  I'm 45 years old.  I feel like I have been through so much.  More than I can tell in a simple 'bio'.  I have had CD4 counts as low as 5.  My current CD4 is 180.  5 years ago I had PCP Pneumonia. Barely made it through that.  Pentamadine by a pic line.  Nasty stuff.  Basically I threw up for 6 weeks until I almost died from severely low blood pressure and had to stop the medicine 3 days early.  But I still had a job so I went back to work which interfered with my medication schedule.  So I stopped my meds again.  :-(

So 2 years ago I got a bad case of Cryptoccoccal Meningitis.  Really dont remember a lot due to being very heavily medicated for most of that hospital visit.  I was in for a month and then finally home.  I had to leave my job and due to damage from the meningitis and HIV I am now on disability.  

My current diagnosises are .....  AIDS, Cryptoccoccal Meningitis, HAND (hiv affected neurological dysfunction), Arthritis, Depression, Lipodystrophy, Restless leg Syndrome, Heart Arythmia, Constipation, OCD, Celiac Disease, and I have deteriation of my spinal discs in the lower back.  (Celiac is not related to hiv)

But I'm here.  And I'm happy with my life right now and my place in the world.  Know that everything is for a purpose and have peace.  You are exactly where it was intended for you to be.