I am HIV positive and work in health care.  I keep my status private with the exception of need to know or very close relationships.  I have two HIV negative kids. I disclosed to my 24 yr old a couple years ago and haven’t told my 17 yr old yet. Just don’t want to worry about who they’d tell or how they might feel about it. Why worry them? That’s just the way I went about it. Discrimination was hopefully way worse in the late 90s to early 2000s than it is now. I still dread telling new ppl…. I’m grateful for those in my life who went through it all with me.

I was diagnosed at 19 when my son was around 2 weeks old.  My daughter is about to graduate from HS. I’m 43 and about to wrap up my 3rd marriage. Looking forward to dating for a few years.

It really really bothers me that AIDS jokes are still fair game in stand-up comedy and at get-togethers. You can’t play about anything else, but this… I must have deserved it, right? That’s the sentiment, that’s why ppl let it slide. Fuck that. It really pisses me off.

I’m grateful for the pills I’ve been swallowing for the last couple decades. Sometimes I think they’re keeping me young and sometimes I think they’re causing my memory loss. Maybe I’m just getting older and look good for my age ;)


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