New Orleans
United States

My name is Sian Green and I was diagnosed six years ago with HIV. I have two children who I love very unconditionally, and I am from New Orleans, LA.

Becoming an HIV/AIDS activist was not second nature nor was finding my purpose in life. I truly thought I wanted to be a baker and own a bakery, but I still felt unfulfilled. While sitting down with my case manager, having a discussion about my life, which was very therapeutic, it dawned on me!

My darkest trials, including self-esteem, domestic violence, homelessness, depression, anxiety, being a single parent, betrayal and being HIV POSITIVE, always brought doubtful questions of: When would it end? Where is the light? Why me? What have I done? My trials were my testimony! A testimony that hundreds to millions can hear and feel empowered. For those who are HIV positive and carry other burdens to know you are not alone. I am not alone!

I gave it all to GOD!

Why Sian wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: The reason why I will love to be a part of A Girl Like Me is because this program speaks volumes to all women who are living with HIV. This program is not just a blog that we can submit to relieve the burdens we have encountered in this journey, but it is a support group. All stories are different but our main motive is to show and believe that one day there will be a cure for HIV and all HIV criminalization will stop and “We” will not be discriminated against. We are people. We have a voice. We will not stop fighting!

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