The Other Me...

Submitted on Aug 30, 2018 by  SianGreen

Days turn into months, months into a year, year into years of public humiliation. How could you? How could you open your mouth to say these things? Who gave you authority? Why me? These are just some of the questions that roamed my mind every minute every hour. The feeling of hurt, pain and inevitable betrayal rapidly force its way into my life. My anger was fierce with power and this was the beginning of the creation of the OTHER ME.

I wasn't myself many times. Depression and anxiety had the best of me even on the days when the sun was shinning. I can't control it on my own. One prescription to another trying to mend myself back together as I was before, but even this was temporary. I read those Facebook posts and view that picture of me naked in my own home many times. Tears ran constantly and fear and hopelessness overcame me. At this time law enforcement couldn't even help because the law was not passed yet. You got away this time! IGNORANCE!

So many are or have suffered in the hands of ignorance. Thinking hope is near but not yet completely accomplished. HIV and AIDS have been a public humiliation for decades. Don't just stigmatize us. We all suffer from some type of disease or illness but those are far from being ridiculed and many feel more sympathetic and willing to accept the other disease or illness. So what is so different about HIV and AIDS? I must say.

"It's been a long time coming..." best said by Sam Cooke. Coming to the woman, I became and am becoming. Once was a battle with sharp swords became tranquility. Even though my new journey just began I refuse to let go of the OTHER ME. I am not afraid to tell my story. I am willing to give those who cannot and afraid of fear a voice. I once was a product of a broken home but now I am whole again because of God. Speak up or be lost in a system that causes self destruction.

Submitted by Lovinglife101


Thank you for writing your truth and discussing the things many of us are afraid to share with others.  Your story is powerful and you have overcome so much.  I know your work, no matter what you focus on, will inspire other young women to stand in their truth and know their worth.

Glad you are part of the family!!

Vickie Lynn

Submitted by SianGreen

Vickie Lynn,  I am truly  grateful and honored to  be part of  this family and the many other families  I am involved in.   It is all for God's purpose.    Thank you for  taking the time out your day to read  my story.  


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