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Cali Sunshine greetings! I generally go by Red and am just your slightly above average Cali girl. I love the beach, I skate and I make jewelry. Nursing chose me as a second career and I have been doing it for a little over four years. I’m also HIV positive. I was diagnosed in 2012 just before my 40th birthday. What a way to bring in a milestone right? Nonetheless, here we are almost 7 years later and I’M STILL HERE! Ain’t life grand? Ha!

Happy to be here with all this positive (pun intended) feminine energy. My hope is to share some of me, so you can see some of you, and we can reflect some hope and light off of each other. We are varied and have different backgrounds and life experience, but are connected and not so different where it matters.

Why Red wants to be part of A Girl Like Me: To foster some connections. HIV can be a lonely disease, and in my opinion, it's hurtful and harmful to navigate alone. I'm blessed to work in an environment that makes me feel less lonely, but not everyone has that option. A platform like this helps that.