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I am Tinker, this is a very different thing for me and a very difficult time for me as well. I only have me and my husband that know of my status at the moment and i don't really plain to tell anyone else. We have a SERODISCORDANT I was just recently come to find that i have this status, i have been very uneasy for a while as a person whom is very clean and not into much i found my self not feeling well for months and than i was told y. I did explain this to my husband as we do everything together, so he was very awear of what was going on but only after i was able to say it my self and out loud telling him did i realize that i was saying that i had become +. My husband is a stright male i am a bi woman but after finding out about this new status i have not even touched him i try my best to do my job as a wife but can not talk to him as much as i would like to cuz he blames himself. It is very hard on me due to me already having so many other health problems, i would like to talk to anyone that will help me unerstand things better i feel so stressed and i don't like to talk to him about it to much cuz he says he understands but he really doesn't.

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