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The Well Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to change the course of the HIV/AIDS pandemic through a unique and comprehensive focus on women and girls. We are a recognized leader in the fight against HIV, revolutionizing the availability and accessibility of meaningful and relevant information designed specifically for women living with HIV.

Founded in 2002, The Well Project is the premier online resource on women and HIV both nationally and globally, reaching more than three million users annually through our web portal and social media channels. The Well Project leverages technology to dramatically improve health outcomes and quality of life for women living with HIV. The information and community support that The Well Project offers helps women build a foundation to not only survive, but also thrive with HIV.

The Well Project envisions a world in which women living with or vulnerable to HIV have the information, support, and tools they need to advocate for their health and well-being, and live a life free from stigma. We work to accomplish this by:

  • Building health literacy among women living with HIV by developing and disseminating culturally responsive, women-focused HIV information
  • Fostering a strong and engaged global network and community of women living with HIV
  • Enhancing treatment advocacy and leadership among women living with HIV
  • Developing partnerships with mission-aligned organizations to advance our common goals
  • Identifying opportunities to advance the research agenda on women and HIV and ensure the implementation of evidence-informed strategies

For more information on each of The Well Project’s focus areas, please read below. To better understand why we focus our efforts specifically on women, please visit our page, Why Women?.

Education and Information

The Well Project is committed to building health literacy among women living with HIV by developing and providing access to culturally responsive, scientifically accurate, women-focused HIV information. We maintain the most comprehensive library of educational fact sheets and slide sets, which address a wide range of issues related to HIV and women’s health. Our library includes more than 115 fact sheets in English and 35 in Spanish, as well as more than 25 slide sets.

Community Support

Because we believe we are stronger together than we are alone, The Well Project works to foster a strong and engaged global network and community of women living with HIV. Our English and Spanish blogs, A Girl Like Me and Una Chica Como Yo, provide a safe space for women living with HIV to share their experiences, connect with others, and build a strong support network.

Advocacy and Leadership

The Well Project believes it is essential to support the leadership development of women living with HIV and help advance the next generation of HIV advocates. We offer programming that enhances treatment advocacy and capacity building among women living with HIV, including a webinar series addressing topical issues, an increasing presence at scientific, advocacy, and policy conferences, and the development of opportunities for women to be at the table.

Collaborative Engagement

The Well Project is honored to play an important role in the HIV community – one of the most remarkable and tireless groups of organizations and individuals in the world. We develop mission-aligned partnerships to advance common goals, including more than 30 current collaborations with some of the most influential organizations in the field. These relationships elevate each other’s work and ensure that all of our endeavors add value by uniquely addressing gaps in current programming and resources.

Women-focused Research

The Well Project identifies opportunities to advance the research agenda on women. In 2003, just one year after The Well Project was founded, we began holding our annual Women’s Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI) meetings. This program was founded to advocate for “more, better, and faster research” in HIV in women and brings together an extraordinary group of leaders in HIV to identify key opportunities to accelerate our understanding of HIV in women.


Together, The Well Project’s efforts act as a potent force against the ignorance and stigma surrounding HIV. Together, we can change the course of the HIV epidemic...one woman at a time.

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