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Submitted on Mar 28, 2014 by  katie06

I love writing my blog and truly enjoy the global aspect that it brings.  It has helped me grow more comfortable and accepting of my status.  Through this experience, I’ve been searching for a way to get involved locally.  I’ve reached out on several occasions to a local AIDS Service Organization only to be ignored each time.  I don’t know if they truly have no need for additional volunteers, or I simply didn’t meet their needs by being female.

While sitting in my doctor’s office for a routine appointment, I saw a pamphlet for the Community Advisory Board of The Ohio State University AIDS Clinical Trial Unit.  I contacted them via email and was surprised to hear back from them almost immediately.  The coordinator expressed enthusiasm to have me join their group and welcomed me with open arms.  I’ve now attended a couple of meetings and absolutely adore the people involved!

The Community Advisory Board reviews proposed HIV/AIDS clinical trials and provides input.  I like to think of it as providing my opinion in a non-scientific approach.  For example, I think about whether the study would be beneficial as a whole or would anything about this study deter me (or anyone else) from participating.  I’m naturally pretty geeky (I love learning and educating myself in any way possible) but this really is fascinating.  I’m thrilled about this opportunity and grateful for the people involved.

Submitted by katie06

Wow that is so cool that you are in the Columbus area! I actually don't know anyone else locally that is positive, so I would love to learn about you and any organization you work with!

Submitted by sologirl

Hi Katie! I'm sorry you were ignored by some places. It's happened to me as well. Every committee that is HIV/aids related that gets gov or special title funding is REQUIRED to have a diverse population on their board. This includes representation of female/affected and or infected populations. When I was younger I was on a few such committees and usually the people on them are truly interested and immersed in the collective purpose of the committee. You will find new and good people here... Your experience and opinion matter so much, as the outcome of what the committee as a whole decides will effect all of us!!!-sologirl

Submitted by sologirl

Hello Katie,

I am sorry that you had so much trouble but now are involved with the advisory group. I am also in Columbus, Oh (which is where I have seen this offered) and at times I feel like there is not enough things for positive women to be apart of as well. The HIV organization that I work with is amazing at wanting feedback from HIV+ women. Maybe we can talk about this!
I am glad u have found something that you enjoy!!!
P.s. I LOVEEEEE your posts.. and your profile picture... I have the SAME tattoo!!!!

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