Sometimes I count my blessings, probably not as often as I should.  I live in an assisted-living care facility and I see people in wheelchairs; with mental incapacities of all degrees.  Everyone is treated well and with respect.   I, with my 27 years of HIV, many of them asympomatic, did have a career.   And I still benefit from that career with health care benefits.  I live in a prosperous part of the world (you might even call it a greedy part of the world); but I live comfortably; receiving all my pain medication, and health care for free.  And most importantly, I have the freedom to make decisions regarding my health care.   Recently I read an article about women with HIV in Chile.  One young woman (who didn't want her name used, as the stigma is acute in Chile) was STERILIZED without her knowledge or consent.  In fact, it seems the whole health care system berates women who have babies if they have HIV.  The nurses and the doctors scold them and tell them they should of had an abortion.  Plus, in health care clinics, patients who are HIV- are seen first; patients with HIV have to wait.  Meanwhile, the young woman who was sterilized in the article, awoke from a ceaserean, with a healthy baby, but would not be able to have another.   Our medical system is not perfect, but in this case, the system in Chile has pretty much raped this patient by removing her reproductive organs and the right to control what happens to her body.




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Dear Sallymore, I don't know why your tongue seems to be changing color. I also don't take any anti-retro drugs, but I never noticed any differences in my tongue unless I had thrush. I'm sure your doctor or medical clinic can identify this for you and it's probably nothing serious. And if you can sit here at your computer, then I think it's safe to assume you're not dying. thinking of you, Gisele


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I like to ask some questions on certain issues,how can u deal with tongue that has become darkened?Is there a way to restore it's original color?Or is it that I am gradually dying?I wish to know.I am not on any ARV drugs.


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Thanks for posting. I am saddened and angry when I hear these types of stories.

I recently had a conversation with some women here in the US regarding pregnancy desires. A couple of the women stated that when they talk with their doctors about their desires for pregnancy they are often treated with little respect and sometimes scolded.

If you desire to have a child find a doctor that will be happy to work with you. It might seem complicated at first but there are doctors who understand the risks and know that you can have a healthy child while living a normal live.

My prayers are with you all.


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