A huge lump on my right breast/una bolita grande en mi seno derecho

Submitted on Jun 12, 2013 by  MariaHIVMejia

I have been holding back on talking about something that has been going on...Well, I noticed a big lump on my right breast and it hurt. So like always, I was quick with my health and made an appointment for a digital mammogram and an ultrasound that was done today. THANK GOD it was nothing...just fibrosis...many women have this! So what is my message? As with anything, with time and early detection, we can save our lives! Don't be scared of whatever the outcome can be and grab the bull by its horns...  that is what I do with everything in life! I cant let things be ...NEVER! I chose to live the best way I can live.  I am very blessed and happy that it was not cancer....but I was ready for anything and thought to myself 'whatever is meant to be, will be...and I will fight like I always do.' Please, to all women out there, get your yearly Pap smears and mammograms. Doing this can save your life or put you at ease.  love and light

He estado callada de algo que me ha estado pasando ... bueno, me di cuenta de un bultico grande en mi pecho derecho y me dolia .. así como siempre fui rápida con mi salud e hice una cita para una mamografía digital, y una ecografía que me hize hoy  Gracias a Dios que no era nada .. solo fibrosis .. muchas mujeres tienen esto! cual es mi mensaje como en otras ocasiones! con tiempo y la detección temprana podemos salvar nuestras vidas! o no tener miedo de lo que el resultado puede ser y agarrar el toro por los cuernos  eso es lo que hago con todo en mi vida! No puedo dejar que las cosas pasen ... NUNCA! Eligo vivir de la mejor manera que puedo vivir  Soy muy bendecida y feliz de que no era Cáncer  .. pero yo estaba lista para cualquier cosa y pensaba dentro de mi lo que está destinado a ser será .. y voy a luchar como siempre lo hago... por favor a todas las mujeres no dejen de hacerse las pruebas de Papanicolaou y mamografías anuales  hacer esto puede salvar tu vida y quedaran tranquilas  amor y luz

— feeling blessed

Maria Mejia

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You are Blessed, keep being being the voice we all often need to hear to do the things we all know we should do, but sometimes just need a little push to get it done, PAP, MAMO, keeping the 3 month appt. Thank You

Submitted by MariaHIVMejia

hello free :) yes , I am super blessed! and I will be on top of it. I hope my experience will motivate someone to get checked <3 love and light

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So glad to hear it wasn't cancer. God is good!!!!

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Hi Maria it's Bob. I hope you had a good happy thanksgiving with your loved ones . After 16 years of employment here in Torrance Cali I got laid off and happy I did. It was unhealthy and the company is about to fold. I start another job in January , so I've been thinking about going back to school and study law since sometimes I argue when I get stubborn and know I'm right. But id rather be happy. I'm advocating for my 14 year old autistic son and getting him a program and kindle taylor made for his communication. On my spare time I get lost in my songs and poetry in my songs. When I'm singing something emotional I break down in tears thinking happily what an honor it is to know you and I think about u and your significant other. So
I'm just saying hi hanging with my boy as I e mail you this. My Gaurdian Angel. Bob

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Hi Maria glad you are ok and glad your lump isn't serious. Hope your holiday was good. Bob Hunley. I wrote out what's going on in my life and posted it on your POZ thingy and tried to do it on here but it wouldn't go through. Anyway ill try one more time. Got Layed Off after 16 years and glad. Very unhealthy place to work. Hanging with my 14 year old autistic son and advocating to get him a kindle with a special communication program for him. I got a new job stArts in January and just recording new blues songs I wrote. Glad your lump was or is nothing serious. God Bless to you and your loved ones. Bob Hunley.

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Ps I still think of you
As my Gaurdian Angel. : ) bob

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